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  • So many of our attendees tweeted great comments like 'mind blown,' 'awesome,' 'our board needs to hear this,' and 'what an engaging keynote!' We were thrilled to have a speaker of Greg's caliber to be part of our Convention. I recommend him highly."
    Robyn Vittek / Convention Chairperson / Ohio Library Council
  • "There are lots of people who can talk about what's 'cool' and what's 'new,' but Greg goes beyond the hype and gives you the nitty-gritty on what it means to you and your business."
    Ann Handley / Chief Content Officer / MarketingProfs
  • "Thank you for the excellent presentation that you made earlier this week in Berlin. Your session has engaged the entire leadership team, encouraged thinking and enthused people to go away and implement with focus!"
    Ben Forward / Senior Director, European Commercial Excellence / Sanofi Pasteur MSD
  • "It would be hard to imagine a better strategic leader than Greg Verdino. I've worked with many strategists, and Greg is one of the very few who can blend high level vision with the realities of day-to-day business. This results in strategic advisory that is at once transformative, ambitious, and realistic."
    Ethan Farber / Sr Director / Burson-Marsteller
  • "Greg knows everything there is to know about where business is headed, and did a fantastic job of delivering interesting, meaningful and - most importantly - actionable information to an already well-informed audience."
    Len Herstein / Founder / Brand Managecamp
  • "Greg is an expert strategist, business builder, and respected mentor. His deep cross-channel industry experience and thought leadership helped get us to the negotiating table and close deals. Greg played a key role in building bench strength and helping our strategists learn and deliver effectively."
    Peter Kim / Chief Digital Officer / Cheil Worldwide
  • What is Digital Transformation, Really?

    Everyone’s talking about ‘digital transformation’. C-suites and boards list it among their top 2015 priorities. Newly minted experts abound. Big consultancies have launched dedicated practice areas, despite being as in need of transformation as their clients are. Digital agencies paint ‘transformation’ as just another fancy way to say ‘marketing’ in order to claim it as their own. And for every expert, consultant, journalist, futurist, keynote speaker, marketer, executive and analyst who utters the phrase’ digital transformation’, the words come to mean something different.

  • The Discovery of Water

    Marshall McLuhan once pointed out that “Fish did not discover water,” going on to explain that “In fact, because they are completely immersed in it, they live unaware of its existence. Similarly, when a conduct is normalized by a dominant cultural environment, it becomes invisible.” We are all immersed so deeply in something that it becomes invisible to us.

  • White Collar Robots and the Future of Work

    “Technology gets better, cheaper and faster at a rate biology can’t match.” — C.G.P. Grey. If you’re interested in the ways automation (aka robots) will affect the world of work, I highly recommend “Humans Need Not Apply” – a 15 minute primer on the current state and future possibilities for robotics in the workplace.

  • A Visual Orientation to Digital Transformation

    I think it would be fair to say that my colleague and occasional contributor Ian Patterson has as much disdain for the unhelpful rhetoric that surrounds the emerging field of digital transformation as he has passion for the field itself. Today, he’s back-on-the-blog with a fun yet functional visual primer that favors clear-eyed perspective over smoke and mirrors. Read on and enjoy…